Solar street light

A solar street light is a light that converts solar energy into electrical energy through a solar panel. During the day, even on cloudy days, solar panels can be collected to store solar energy. As a safe and environmentally friendly electric light, solar lights are getting more and more attention.The solar street light consists of solar panels, LED lights, control boxes (with chargers, controllers, batteries in the control box) and light poles.The working principle of solar street light is the principle of photovoltaic effect of solar cells. During the day, the solar cell absorbs solar energy converts it into electric energy, and stored in the battery through the controller. When the night falls or the illumination around the photovoltaic panel is low, the battery supplies power to the light source through the controllercuts off after a certain period of time.Compared with ordinary LED lights, the solar light has a built-in lithium battery or a lead-acid battery, and is charged by one or more solar panels. The charging time is generally about 8 hours, and the use time is 8-24 hours. Generally with charging or remote control function, the shape varies according to user needs.


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