Inverter is a DC to AC transformer that converts DC power (battery, switching power supply, fuel cell, etc) into AC (typically 220V, 50Hz sine wave).The AC power it outputs can be used in various types of equipment to meet the needs of AC power supply in mobile power supply places or in areas without electricity.With the inverter, DC power can be converted into alternating current to provide stable and reliable power consumption for electrical appliances, such as notebook computers, mobile phones, handheld PCs, digital cameras and various instruments; the power inverter module can also be used with the generator to save fuel and reduce noise.In the field of wind energy and solar energy, inverters are even more essential. The small inverter can also provide AC power in the field by using cars, ships, and portable power supply equipment. It is actually a process of voltage inversion with the  Adapter.The Adapter converts the AC voltage of the mains grid into a stable 12V DC output, while the Inverter converts the 12V DC output of the Adapter into a high-frequency AC. Today's inverters generally use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) pulse width modulation technology to obtain high-power, high-efficiency AC inverter output.


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