Hybrid Bi direction Solar Inverter

Hybrid Bi-direction Solar Inverter is mainly used in the hybrid energy storage system, and the system is widely used in photovoltaic generation for self-use, can not be used for the internet accessing with the residual electricity , the self-use electricity price is much more expensive than the on-grid electricity price, and the peak electricity price is much more expensive than the valley electricity price. Photovoltaic hybrid energy storage systems consist of photovoltaic arrays, hybrid energy storage inverters, battery packs, loads, and power grids. The photovoltaic array converts the solar energy into electrical energy in the presence of sunshine, and supplies power to the load through the hybrid storage inverter to charge the battery pack; when there is no light, the battery and the power grid supply the electricity for AC load. Compared with the on-grid power generation system, the cost of the on-grid and off-grid integrated system has increased, but the application range is wider and the function is more powerful. The core part of the system is the Hybrid energy storage inverter. Through the setting of the inverter, a variety of working modes can be realized.


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